REDESIGN. Redesign services provides homeowners with creative ways to arrange their existing furnishings to decorate and beautify their home. This is also useful to appeal to buyers and get the most money possible when you sell your home. Staging for real estate typically utilizes existing furnishings while arranging or editing elements to create a more professional look. Our redesign services provide our clients a decorating style at a price they can afford. Use what you already own to create your own House Beautiful!
STAGING. Staging for builders, realtors and home owners provides minimal accessorizing in kitchens, bathrooms and foyers to create a welcoming experience during an open house.
SELECTION SERVICES FOR BUILDERS. Enjoy building homes, but not the selection process? We provide selection services for every decision in the home from colors of shingles, gutters, windows, shutters, door and selections of flooring, tile, lighting, door hardware, cabinetry, countertops & more. Stay on schedule and under-budget with our design team. Various pricing schedules make it easy!
Organizing & Downsizing Editing -- Isn't it always amazing at how quickly we accumulate things? Over time, even the smallest items can fill up the available space in our closets, garages, offices, bedrooms, kitchens, and attics. It can be hard to motivate ourselves to take time to evaluate these items -- much less roll up our sleeves to organize, donate, or discard the items no longer being used.

Organizing -- We offer professional organizing techniques to help you sort and organize your space. We provide a plan and the enthusiasm to work with you (side-by-side) until the goal is achieved. You will be surprised at how much can be accomplished in a small amount of time!

Declutter -- When listing your home for sale, one of the first things a realtor will tell you is to remove clutter! You want your home to make a better impression than the other homes on the market. We can help you downsize and organize your home before you sign the listing agreement to maximize the sales price and minimize the time it takes to get the offers. Start now to reduce the stress and cost of moving!
PHOTO STYLING. We also provide photo styling services. This is our most popular package! Using our design expertise, we arrange each room to look like a model, before it is photographed. We will showcase it’s best attributes and capture on camera, a gorgeous room that a buyer will love! An invaluable service for home sellers and realtors that want to sell quickly. Remember that more real estate shoppers are perusing internet listings first -- making good photography a crucial part of attracting a buyer!
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