NO SURPRISES. There are no surprises with interior designs from Village Design Group. Our cost-saving 3-D computer modeling system allows you to see what the finished remodel or new construction project will look like before it is even started. Therefore, you have the option to change and refine the project to suit your budget or desire while still in the planning stages.
COST EFFECTIVE. Our clients quickly realize the benefits of this technology because most every detail can be seen and discussed before committing to labor and material expense. Aesthetics such as door placement, ceiling heights, traffic flow, location of appliances, work spaces, kitchen & bath design, and even lighting can be carefully visualized.
DETAILED. Our system can import your builders' CAD floor plan or we can draw the space from scratch. For remodeling projects, your space will be carefully measured and evaluated to create the most accurate drawings for your review.
INVALUABLE DESIGN TOOL. The interior design process is about minimizing mistakes and saving money. We have proven that our 3D services are invaluable to both our clients, builders and subcontractors in saving time and money because everyone on the team now has a very clear visual on the final design. 3D Design Renderings are based on the total square footage of the room, space or house plan.
WORKING WITH YOUR CONTRACTOR. Village Design Group can provide complete DESIGN services for your next project and also work closely with your contractor. Drawings, 3-D renderings, paint charts and furnishing layouts can be provided to guide your contractor in all the details of remodeling or construction.
USE OUR CONTRACTING SERVICES. If you don't have a contractor, we can fill the need -- and, provide both design and the complete remodeling tasks using our team of licensed and high-quality professionals that can do it all!
Call Vicki Stone at 910-692-1000 for more information about 3-D Design Services.